Friday, 15 March 2013

Ready to Take Flight

Since this blog I am happy to say that I have been practicing yoga about 3 times per week. It has greatly increased my flexibility, I feel less stressed and I have been able to tackle harder poses like a headstand and hopefully soon a handstand. Once I started practicing consistently I found that everything else started falling into place; I started sleeping better and my eating habits also improved. This just isn't the case with yoga it happens with any type of continuous workout routine.

Aerial Yoga
Now that I am comfortable and confident in the hot room I’m thinking the next step is to incorporate a new style of yoga into my daily activities to keep things interesting and exciting. I am currently looking into a rather new type of yoga called Aerial Yoga that is offered at a local studio, Yoga by Sarah. This type of yoga involves practicing will being in the air! It focuses on areas such as your hips, chest, shoulders and hamstrings and probably adds a little bit of excitement into daily yoga practice.


  1. i could not do this at all! haven't tried it and probably won't. seems interesting. but if my feet aren't on the ground then i'm not in.

  2. Um, take me on this new experience. Love yoga and ive wanted to try silks at a circus school but this looks almost identical with the yoga aspect.