Friday, 15 March 2013

Ready to Take Flight

Since this blog I am happy to say that I have been practicing yoga about 3 times per week. It has greatly increased my flexibility, I feel less stressed and I have been able to tackle harder poses like a headstand and hopefully soon a handstand. Once I started practicing consistently I found that everything else started falling into place; I started sleeping better and my eating habits also improved. This just isn't the case with yoga it happens with any type of continuous workout routine.

Aerial Yoga
Now that I am comfortable and confident in the hot room I’m thinking the next step is to incorporate a new style of yoga into my daily activities to keep things interesting and exciting. I am currently looking into a rather new type of yoga called Aerial Yoga that is offered at a local studio, Yoga by Sarah. This type of yoga involves practicing will being in the air! It focuses on areas such as your hips, chest, shoulders and hamstrings and probably adds a little bit of excitement into daily yoga practice.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Motivation is the Hardest Part

As I've said before in previous posts I have had a very hard time motivating myself to workout, let alone practice yoga at home. Not having the motivation has set me back so many times, but I have come to understand that it is not only important to do what you love whether it’s yoga, running or training for a triathlon, but to make real life changes and to focus on what you want to achieve in the long run.

I find it helps to schedule in workouts as a daily routine like eating breakfast or showering. Once I started doing this I found myself sticking to my workouts like glue.  Doing something you love is also important if you want to stick to your daily routines. You don’t eat something you don’t like so why would you run if you hated it, or hated yoga because you weren't flexible? Once we all start making small changes to our daily lives working out won’t seem so difficult to fit in.

Friday, 1 March 2013

This One's for the Bros

Since I have been attending yoga classes I have come to realize that the classes I attend are female dominated. I’m not sure why this is, maybe some men feel weird taking a class dominated by women or that yoga might not help them with their overall fitness. Fear not gentlemen, there has been a fad going on for a while called Broga, a yoga class dedicated to all male classes.

The Broga classes don’t differ much from any regular yoga class, they still focus on balance, flexibility and building self awareness, but as The Globe and Mail states “Yoga for guys means more Radiohead, less Enya.”

I think this is a great tactic to allow everyone to feel comfortable and reap the benefits a yoga class has to offer. Everyone deserves to de-stress, relax and get fit in a place they feel at ease.

So to all of the men, Bro Montana’s, dudes and muchachas out there go try a Broga class because you never know you might find the Jobin to your Pistol or just realize that you really like yoga.

Friday, 22 February 2013


I have been practicing yoga consistently for about a month and I’m feeling great. All of this could just be in my head but I find that I sleep better, am happier and less stressed. Physically I am more balanced and feel a lot stronger. Yoga has also improved my flexibility which will help reduce my chance of injury when running or going to the gym. Practicing has opened my eyes to my own personal health and lifestyle as well as specific fitness goals that I have recently set for myself.

I have been attending classes at a local studio and have also made an effort to practice at home. My home practice has helped me to make progress with certain poses and meditation, but I still find it a hassle to roll out my mat and unwind at the end of the day. Even though I have made yoga a priority since day one I’m hoping that I can continue to improve as well as have a chance to practice other styles of yoga such as Ashtanga YogaKundalini Yoga Jivamukti Yoga.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Breathe and De-Stress

Yoga is sometimes underestimated and many people shy away from it because they are misinformed. Some say that yoga isn't a workout and that all you do is stretch, but those who do practice will tell you otherwise. Yoga isn't just stretching it’s about holding poses, breathing and pushing yourself past your comfort zone. Yoga is a great workout and the benefits that come with the practice are amazing.

One of the benefits of practicing any form of yoga is that it helps reduce stress. We all stress about things in our daily lives whether its school, work, family or friends and this can eventually take a toll on us mentally and physically. There are specific poses like Garland, Child's Pose and Shoulder Stand that can help reduce stress levels. Deep breathing can also help with stress such as slowly breathing through the nose and making your exhales longer than your inhales.

Reducing stress is important if we want to live happy and healthy so find what relaxes you after a long day. You can also visit these blogs for stress reducing tips, tricks and relaxing music: 

Friday, 8 February 2013

What (Not) to Wear to Class

Lululemon Athletica

We all know what to wear when we’re working out, just throw on a pair of shorts and any old t-shirt and your set but sometimes our days are busy and the little things slip our minds.  I’m not saying you have to buy the most expensive workout gear but remember your goals and what type of workout you want to accomplish. Also wear what makes you comfortable and confident.

Yoga doesn't require much but it’s important to keep in mind that this type of workout is about breathe, positions and to keep your mind focused on your practice. The last thing you want to be doing is fidgeting with your clothes while in downward facing dog or having your shirt fall to your face when attempting a head stand, unless you want the entire class to see the colour of your sports bra or that new tattoo you just got. It’s quite obvious that comfort and fit are key in yoga, the less bulk the better! Oh, and only wear grey in a Moksha class if you want the entire world to see your sweat stains.

Karma Wear
I’m writing this post because most of the blunders I've mentioned have happened to me during classes, all very amusing stories to tell but have compromised the focus on my practice. A workout shouldn't be all about the clothes it should be about getting stronger, happier and crushing your goals.   

Here are a few stores you can purchase clothes, mats and other yoga accessories:

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Last night was my first (Moksha) hot yoga class of the year and let me tell you, it was H.O.T. Most girls were glistening in their Lululemon attire but I was the odd man out. I was wearing Lululemon but I was not glistening. Sadly I have come to realize my genetics make me sweat more than the average human and wearing grey definitely did not help matters.  Moving past my sweaty problems the 60 minute class was amazing.

Tree Pose
During my practice I found it difficult to focus on calm breathing while trying to hold a pose with the proper form, an example of this: Tree Pose. I would manage to hold my pose for a few seconds then slowly lose my balance and almost topple over. This was very humbling and a reminder that continuous practice will eventually pay off. The class was difficult at times but it provided me with the calm, clear mind I needed to start a busy week.
Moksha Yoga is a series of 40 different poses done in a room heated to about 40°C or 100°F. If you want to learn more about this type of yoga or are interested in taking classes here is a link to a great local studio: